>    About Lev-Fab   <

A history of success

Founded in 2005, Lev-Fab is a Québec-based metal processing and manufacturing company considered a benchmark in the aeronautics, medical, industrial and transportation sectors.

The company was born of Luc Levasseur’s vision to offer a turnkey metal parts manufacturing and processing service that would include machining and fabrication, bending, welding and brazing, as well as finishing and assembly. Since childhood, the up-and-coming entrepreneur had aspired to set up his own company by the age of 30, and it was at the age of 29 that he made his dream a reality.

In 2005, Lev-Fab opened its doors in a 3000 sq. ft. facility in Terrebonne’s industrial park. The company soon experienced strong growth, and the owner had to expand the facilities. By 2010, the premises were no longer large enough. As a result, the plant was relocated. Since then, it has moved to its current 40,000 sq. ft. plant in Saint-Jérôme, just off Highway 15.

>    Our Evolution   <

The initial plant was primarily intended for work in the industrial sector. Wanting to diversify his offering, Mr. Levasseur installed new equipment and transformed the plant to be able to provide services to other market niches, i.e. transportation, aeronautics and medical. Accordingly, in December 2016, Lev-Fab acquired a company specializing in the design, machining and processing of parts for the industrial sector, to meet growing demand and pursue expansion.

For over 15 years, Lev-Fab has been recognized as a leader in its field, distinguishing itself through its cutting-edge expertise, the quality of its service and products, and its promise of transparency to its customers. Furthermore, Lev-Fab attaches the utmost importance to impeccable workmanship, on-time delivery and exceptional flexibility. 

>    Our Mission    <

Our mission: Beyond expertise!

To stand out from the crowd thanks to our rare expertise in designing and manufacturing complex, custom-made and specialized parts.

>    Our Values   <

Lev-Fab’s corporate culture is based on fundamental values that guide its day-to-day actions: quality, precision, innovation, progress, attentiveness, respect and collaboration.

>    Our Team    <

Our highly-qualified, continuously-trained team comprises over fifty dedicated employees and professionals.

Quality is our watchword. From design to delivery, the team works in synergy to meet our customers’ requirements and, ultimately, to provide impeccable service. Not only are they good listeners, they’re also resourceful, detail-oriented and respectful of both established parameters and people.


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>    Our Certifications    <

Lev-Fab’s commitment to overall quality has led to successful certification processes. It holds certifications pertaining to the outstanding quality of its processes, its management and the products it manufactures.