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Expertise in machining and manufacturing aeronautical, industrial and medical parts

Lev-Fab offers turnkey service thanks to our expertise in machining and manufacturing metal parts. Having developed a rare degree of expertise in this field, Lev-Fab machines parts like none other!

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We provide companies in all market sectors with a full range of machining services. Renowned for our premium quality parts in the aeronautics and medical industries, among others, we can machine parts in small, large and medium production runs. Our principal services comprise:

  • Turning;

  • Milling;

  • Engineering;

  • Brazing;

  • Welding;

  • Painting

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Machined materials

Our meticulous, experienced technicians are skilled at machining parts made from a wide variety of materials. In fact, all materials can be processed on our premises, and we avoid contamination at every stage of manufacturing through strictly controlled operations.

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Stainless
  • Titanium
  • Cast iron
  • Copper
  • Etc.
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We have a wealth of unique expertise on site

We also feature unique equipment. To satisfy the varied and sometimes atypical demands of our customers, we have taken the gamble of building custom tools and modifying our equipment as needed. A gamble we win hands down, day after day. Our customers recognize our uniqueness and our desire to deliver precision and excellence.

Our factory is equipped with the equipment, jig fixtures and special tools needed for all types of machining work while ensuring quality control:

Our main equipment

  • Hurco VMX50i machining center with 4th axis and probe
  • Hurco 4-axis machining center
  • Smec CNC lathe
  • HAAS 3-axis machining center

Verification and inspection equipment:

  • FaroArm CMM;
  • Zeiss CMM;
  • Mitutoyo optical comparator;
  • Pressure test;
  • NDT;
  • And more.

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