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Expertise in bending aeronautical, medical, industrial and transportation sector metal parts

Lev-Fab specializes in the bending of metal parts. Bending is the mechanical process that forms (or bends) a pipe or bar. Our long-standing practical experience and specific bending expertise enable us to serve demanding customers in the aeronautical, medical, and industrial and transportation sectors.

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We bend the widest range of materials: aluminum, stainless steel, copper, titanium and more. With every bending operation, we take great care to prevent warping, using tools and expertise that have proven their value over the years.In addition, we are qualified to bend most types of profiles and extrusions: round, square, rectangular and others.
Moreover, tubes of any shape can be bent at Lev-Fab with remarkable precision and pride in a job well done.

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Our bending team transforms light, heavy, hollow or solid parts according to customer needs. Because demands are diverse, so are the types of bending solutions we offer.


  • pipes

  • structural

  • hollow structural sections

  • continuous

  • S and complex 3D shapes

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We field state-of-the-art equipment for precision bending and bending in general.

As with machining, welding, brazing, assembly and finishing, we also make tools and modify machines to offer our customers personalized service. Our technicians are in turn trained to program equipment using X, Y and Z coordinates, and to manufacture parts using the reverse-engineering process, i.e. without drawings or basic methodologies. Here are our main bending tools:

Our main equipment

  • 4 CNC bending machines
  • 3 semi-automatic bending machines
  • 3 conventional bending machines

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