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Quality always rules

Quality control rules every Lev-Fab operation. As a result, our qualified workforce can be counted on to respect our strict operating procedures. Precision equipment adapted to each task helps us fulfill our promise of quality. As a result, we work to the highest industry standards to ensure the manufacture of products that meet every market specification. Lev-Fab has the capacity to supply the industrial sector as well as the aeronautical, medical and transportation sectors, in compliance with the standards applicable to all of them.

>    Certifications    <

Lev-Fab holds high-level certifications that attest to the excellent quality of its processes, management and the parts it manufactures. Specifically, Lev-Fab is approved by organizations that issue certifications for:

  • Expertise in executing specific tasks
  • Quality management
  • Environmental management
  • Capability to supply compliant products
  • Its workforce qualifications
  • The effectiveness of its operating procedures
  • Satisfaction of regulatory requirements for medical devices

It holds the following quality control certifications:

We also participate in Aéro Montréal’s MACH program for the transformation of metal aeronautical parts. All our certifications attest to our ability to serve the industrial, transportation, aeronautical and medical markets.

>    Continuous Improvement    <

Our teams work according to the 5S method, which we have adopted as part of our quality approach. Lev-Fab keeps a sharp eye out for innovative techniques, perfects those it uses and adheres to the continuous improvement management method. We want to continue to be one of the major leaders in our field, and to consistently serve our customers with the quality for which we are recognized.

>    Parts Certification   <

Our Quality Control Department ensures compliance with standards and manufacturing specifications for metal parts. We inspect parts at critical phases of production, based on the certifications we hold. Upon customer request, we can issue a certificate confirming this verification.

>    Non-Destructive Tests (NDT)    <

To meet the requirements of our customers’ specifications and provide them with superior quality products at all times, we utilize methods that ensure the integrity of structures and materials. These procedures enable us to detect and remedy anomalies. Thanks to these non-destructive tests, our customers can save money and have peace of mind about the products they receive.

Our technological measuring equipment, designed for global and specific quality control, complements our methods for producing competitive products. These include: FaroArm, Zeiss CMM, Mitutoyo optical comparator, pressure test and NDT. We make a point of calibrating these instruments several times a year, and we’ve been focusing on rigorous attention to detail since 2005.