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Lev-Fab manufactures and processes metal products, and has developed expertise in machining, bending, welding and brazing, as well as finishing and assembly. To complete its service offer, the company also specializes in parts design and kitting.

Part design

We realize projects from idea to product. Our Engineering and Design Department designs and develops new products. It can also improve existing ones to bring them fully into line with customer requirements.

The technical development and detailed design of parts require extensive skills, and we have them. We can imagine and then create products of various calibres, even those that are beyond conventional standards or highly complex. At the manufacturing stage, we shape them in compliance with applicable manufacturing norms and the highest industry standards.

We bring our customers’ vision to life thanks to our experience, expertise and equipment suitable for every challenge. Above all, we never compromise on quality.


Kitting is the process of assembling components into a package for assembly into a final product. Its final function determines how it will be assembled. This activity is carried out upstream of other work and ensures the constant supply of assembly lines.

At Lev-Fab, the kitting strategy has been built step by step by the most experienced members of the team. As a result, we are able to increase our production speed and reduce the risk of errors to a minimum. By so doing, our customers can obtain the parts they order on time and with the guarantee of maximum quality attained.

Optimizing our supply chain and coordinating our work through kitting means you get products with outstanding performance. Allowing you, in turn, to perform.

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