Lev-Fab – Industrial division

10 years strong

Since its inception 10 years ago, Lev-Fab has always built on the quality of its services and customer satisfaction. Initially geared towards industrial work, Lev-Fab later added an aviation division to its offer and rapidly set itself apart from competitors through exceptional expertise and vision. To Lev-Fab, honoring deals is priority number one. It’s why we spare no effort and use the full extent of our expertise to ensure that you get exactly what you ordered, exactly when you need it. No exceptions, no excuses. With a factory outfitted to manufacture any prototype, assembly or part; a solid, open and collaborative team and world-class professionalism, you will only find good things to say about Lev-Fab Industriel.

“A solid, open and collaborative team”

Our premises are ready to take on all metal processing. We work with copper, steel, aluminium and all other industrial metals. We are there for you, and you will never regret depending our services.