LEV-FAB – Aviation division

10 years strong

Since its inception 10 years ago, Lev-Fab has always built on the quality of its services and customer satisfaction. Initially geared towards industrial work, Lev-Fab later added an aviation division to its offer and rapidly set itself apart from competitors through exceptional expertise and vision. Built on customer satisfaction, Lev-Fab is a certified piping, exhaust system and assembly provider for the aviation industry, conforming to the most exacting standards required by its partners and clients. We garantee impeccable work, on-time deliveries and exceptional flexibility to ensure maximum efficiency and ease while you work with our products.

“We garantee impeccable work, on-time deliveries”

We know that business is competitive and that you have no time to lose. It’s why we work proactively to insure and certify each and every part that comes out of our gate. We want them to be ready to be installed as soon as they are delivered. This is our promise and we will spare no effort to offer to best service we can and earn your trust.